Hello there readers, My name is Alicia Guardeño and, as my bio says, I’m a computer engineer. At least I am since last Autumn, when my final project was finished, presented to a professor’s jury and finally passed with honors.

That project was a 2D classic graphic adventure demo developed from scratch without external assets or plugins in C# and Unity. It was a great step for me (but not the only one).

Before even finishing it, I was already involved in several other little video game projects as a general 2D artist, or pixel artist. In contrast, in this case, I learned how to be an artist in a self-taught way.

Now I want to go even further into honing my skills and taking more complex roles and/or projects. Making more and more video games, but this time in a more serious way while learning more web development at the same time.

This isn’t my first time making a blog. I’ve already had several personal blogs and one for the final project mentioned above. But this is the first time I’m doing it in English.

Why this change? It’s not only because I want to be more accessible to international readers or because I want to improve writing in a foreign language. The thing is, during some time, I was sick of writing posts or opinion articles for video game magazines. I had a hard time overthinking how to approach every single one of them, and finally, getting writer’s block.

Allegory of how I felt. Plus a cute cactus.

I asked myself what happened to me. I always had enjoyed writing in blogs before university, and when I finished it, I almost hated thinking about writing more posts. Days, weeks and months has passed without an answer. Until one day I revisited my old blogs, then I realized the truth:

It was because I had no restraints. Just myself writing about any topic I wanted and how I wanted. Zero worries.

This blog is for my sake. Wanting to cleanse my writer’s block and share how I’m improving little by little. Trying to be happier anytime I had to write anything.

Though the diary-like or too-personal blog days are over for me, I also don’t want to make the typical programming blog with only tutorials. Undoubtedly I’ll end writing some of those (I have some on the way!!), but I want to have some variety on the blog. So expect a lot of posts imbued with my opinion or experiences about the topics. Mostly I’ll write about:

  • Game development

  • Things related to the video games industry, international, national or local

  • Web development

  • Programming or technology miscellanea

  • 2D art of pixel art for video games

  • Art Miscellanea

  • Other topics which can’t be in the same category of the above mentioned

For starters, I’m going to begin mostly with post related to the current project I’m working. It’s no news that it is a video game. Based on an unfinished project for the GBJAM 2016. But as I stated at the beginning of this post, I mean to learn more web development because I only know the basics. My first step is learning more advanced JavaScript. But I didn’t want to drop out of advancing my game development skills. Luckily, I found a solution quite quickly. I can learn JavaScript while making a video game with the use of a library. The Chosen One was Phaser. A free open-source library oriented to 2D games.

So expect a lot of posts related to JavaScript and Phaser!! And of course, some other game development related posts with the process of everything else of the video game.

Hope you enjoyed reading my presentation. In case you want to leave me a comment, an opinion of how I could improve, a question, or something else, you can always leave a comment below (they’ll be very much appreciated) or can contact me through the given social networks or email shown in the sidebar.

And now, for something totally unexpected. Click the button below for an entirely deserved relaxing moment.